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I know a man in Christ..Elder Sophrony

Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos …wrote this book about Elder Sophrony as an expression of gratitude for his long association (17 years) with the Elder and “to share with readers the spiritual wealththat I unworthily received”. 

The first part of the book is  a spiritual portrait of Elder Sophrony.   After a brief survey of his theology, the author examines the Elder’s writings  in the light of the experience of saints  of the Church, particularly St Paul, St Symeon the New Theologian and St Gregory Palamas,  thus placing his teaching in a wider context.   There is a careful analysis  of the Elder’s correspondence  with David Balfour, which reveals  “many subtle details of the spiritual life”  but also how  “a genuine spiritual father guides those  entrusted to him”. 

The second part of the book

records what the author learnt and experienced during visits to the Monastery of St John the Baptist in meetings and informal conversations with the Elder and as a concelebrant at the Divine Liturgy.  Over the years he carefully recorded the Elder’s words and amassed  an archive of notes that he publishes here.  The subjects covered reflect both Father Sophrony’s and the author’s personal and pastoral concerns and include prayer  (particularly the Jesus Prayer);  monasticism and obedience;  priesthood and the temptations it brings;  giving spiritual guidance;  the problems facing those  who become Orthodox;and family life.   The discussions also shed light on theological issues close to the Elder’s heart.  

The Elder’s teachings are presented
mostly in his own words, interspersed with brief accounts of the author’s impressions of the blessed life he lived during visits to the Monastery of St John the Baptist.  We see the Elder in church during the Divine Liturgy and daily services, in the refectory, and meeting pilgrims.  The author also describes visits to the Holy Mountain to see the places where the Elder lived and to meet monks following the same tradition. After the chapters arranged chronologically by year, this part of the book ends with a collection of undated sayings of the Elder which were not spoken directly to the author but were passed on to him by others.  

The book shows us a “great hesychast and theologian, but also a wise, discerning and prophetic spiritual father” and brings us closer to the man in Christ.





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